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Dunlopillo Portofino Luxury Firm Latex Mattress

Manufacturer: Sherwood Bedding


Dunlopillo Portofino LUXURY FIRM Latex Mattress

The Portofino Series is a one-of-kind ultra luxury latex mattress unrivaled by anything else on the market. Its all natural graphite-infused Talalay latex core is designed in conjunction with a vertical support layering strategy. Furthermore, unmatched attention to materials science has yielded levels of supple support and body conformance that simply can’t be found in any other bed at any price. Heavyweight natural Tencel knitted panel covers treated with Max Breeze™ temperature control technology all come standard. These top panels are then quilted with high-density upholstery-grade foam and deeply tufted with Kevlar strapping and wool rosettes onto the all natural latex core.

The Portofino Series of mattresses are available in Luxury Firm and Luxury Plush models.

At a Glance:

  • Graphite Infused Natural Talalay Latex
  • High-Density Upholstery Foams
  • Deep Tufted with Heavy Duty Kevlar Strapping & Wool Rosettes
  • Max Breeze™ Temperature Control Technology
  • Natural Tencel Knit Ticking
  • Quiet Lock Foundation Construction

Natural Latex Mattresses – Dunlopillo


Graphite-infused natural Talalay made from genuine rubber trees is combined with high-density upholstery foam for unsurpassed luxury.


Sherwood Bedding has undergone rigorous preparation to earn certification as the only licensed Dunlopillo® manufacturer in North America.


A Legend Reborn Dunlopillo® natural latex mattresses are a painstaking tribute to an 80-year tradition of British mattress building. By combining the finest raw materials with modern American construction techniques, Dunlopillo is the new standard of luxury.

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