Best Chair Brinley M700 Sectional Set

Title: Best Chair Brinley M700 Sectional Set

Manufacturer: Best Home Furnishings


Best Chair Brinley Sectional Set

The Brinley Sectional is a limitless, transitionally-styled reclining sectional that is fit for those who love to have it their way. Choose to customize your sectional from 11 different pieces. Choose from a large selection of Best Home Furnishings’ stylish fabrics. Each piece is an individual seat allowing for an infinite number of configurations.

It will be utilizing a patent-pending bracketing system that prevents the seats from separating on the floor. The consoles come with the option of a soft close drawer for extra storage. The recliners also are available with the power recline option. Extra stuffed pillow arms and backs are filled with premium cushioning fibers and the cooler, extra durable cushioned chaise lounges featuring Performa weave technology are designed for inviting comfort. There are countless configurations to fit your home.

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