Job Opportunities

Inside Sales Position.

What do you have?
Do you have a creative flair? Do you love to decorate? Maybe you are great at sales? Do you want to control your income? Do you want to work in a fun creative work environment with a flexible work schedule, including a four day work week, 401 k, benefits, bonuses, and great compensation?

What we want!

We are looking for fun, energetic, creative individuals who possess confidence, integrity, pride, and a passion for what they do. These unique individuals will be dependable, punctual, accountable, and posses a willingness to learn new things. Computer skills and prior sales experience helpful, but not necessary.

What we offer!

Our goal is to cultivate exceptional sales people by providing a work environment that is fun, creative, flexible, and profitable to each individual. This includes extensive job training, great product, beautifully designed displays, and fun promotions. We offer flexible working hours, a four day work week, benefits, bonuses, and salary plus commission.

What you need to do!

If this opportunity sounds appealing, we want to hear from you.


You may send your resume and cover letter to:

Dorsey Furniture
Todd Beaulieu

1031 Main Road

Holden, ME  04429